Maggie's Little Theater's Production of

Book by Music by Lyrics by
John Weidman David Shire Richard Maltby, Jr

Based upon the motion picture “big” Written by Gary Ross and Anne Speilberg


Anna Antonova • Monica Barczak • Lloyd Baum • Melissa Betts
Katie Di Colandrea • Gary Ducoing • Alessandra Gluf • Anthony Faubion • Tanya Fiebert
Russell Forier • Crystalla Gonzalez • Miranda Lang • Matthew Linkus • Tricia Mahon
Lauraine McConville • Maria Maniscalco • Kaitlyn Murtagh • Mary Pascale • Nick Radu
Heather Sheridan • Jeffrey Tierney • Alyssa Verderber • Patty Voisin • Brian Voyer
Jamal L. Wilkins • Nicholas Wunsch

Music Director
Rhea Arkin
Marco Puente

Directed by
Dolores H. Voyer

"Can't Wait"
Little Josh
The Carnival
L-R:  Patty Voisin, Gary Ducoing
The Train Station
Gary Ducoing
"The Time of Your Life"
L-R:  Lloyd Baum, Gary Ducoing
"Welcome to Macmillan Toys"
L-R:  Nick Radu, Gary Ducoing, Monica Barczak
L-R:  Nick Radu, Monica Barczak
MacMillan Toys
L-R:  Gary Ducoing, Monica Barczak
Gary Ducoing, Moinca Barczak

Monica Barczak

The Office Party
Lloyd Baum, Gary Ducoing

Lloyd Baum, Gary Ducoing

"Cross the Line"
"It's Time"
The Nightmare
L-R:  Monica Barczak, Gary Ducoing
L-R:  Gary Ducoing, Matthew Linkus, Anthony Faubion
The Warehouse
"I Want to Go Home"

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